Wondering about where people see your abstract? For posters or talks at conferences, the abstract is usually included in the schedule for the conference. 

This is the website for the American Physical Society’s Annual March meeting.  We are looking at the “Epitome”. It is essentially a list of all of the sessions and talks for the meeting.

The epitome page of the APS March Meeting 2023 webpage.
The Epitome of the APS March Meeting 2023

If we go to the scientific sessions we can access a list of all the sessions and talks that are available. 

This is a multi-day conference, multiple sessions run simultaneously. There are thousands of presentations available. There is no way you could watch every one. 

We can search abstracts to see which sessions we want to attend. Notice that the search looks only at titles and abstracts.

Session Listing for the APS March Meeting.

If we go to the listings for a particular session, we can choose to see the listings of the talks during that session.

People see the title, presenter, and abstract within each session listing.

Think of an abstract as an advertisement to get people to come to your session, visit your poster, or read your paper.

People see your abstract in places where they would decide between multiple papers or posters.

To see the full March Meeting epitome, visit https://meetings.aps.org/Meeting/MAR23/APS_epitome

For smaller conferences, the program will often have a one or two page schedule, with abstracts listed on additional pages.