Animated Graphs in Excel

Showing the Time

The time can be shown on the graph using the following method.  Make sure that your graph has a title shown.  You can add it by clicking on a blank part of the graph.  The Chart Tools category should be added to the ribbon, with the DESIGN tab already selected.  To the far left is an icon used to “Add Chart Element”.  Click this and choose the option Chart Title.

Adding a Title to an Excel graph

Adding a Title

Once the Title is in place, click on it.   Now move to the formula bar and type an = sign, then type in the cell reference for your time.  In my example, I needed to type in “=Sheet1!$B$7” (without the quotes).

You should format this cell so that it keeps a consistent number of decimal places.

You can then add a text box to the graph that reads “Position at time t = ”.  Add a second text box that reads just “s”.  You will need to play with the alignment and spacing of these around the title to make it look good.

Now when you click the command button, the point will move and the title will update with the time at each point.

Next we add the plot of the projectile’s path.