Mathematics is the primary tool of the physicist.  If you make a math mistake, you can end up doing very poorly on a physics assignment or exam.

Unfortunately, it may have been a year or more since you took a math class, whether it be algebra, trig, or the Calculus.  This section of the site is designed to give you a refresher in some of the areas that you might have forgotten.  I’ve found that mistakes with fractions often lower a student’s score by a letter grade or better on an exam.  This happens with algebra and trig functions as well.

Think of it this way…  if you haven’t run for a while, your first lap around the track is going to take the wind out of you.  The same thing happens with any skill, including math related skills.

The following mathematics topics are available at this time.

Check back regularly for more useful math tips.  I’m adding more often.

Do you have a particular area of mathematics you would like help with?  Leave a comment below, and I’ll add a refresher to help you out.