Model Lab Report

Below you’ll find a model lab report. It is based on part of a lab in one of my physics courses.

Many students are frightened by lab reports. They think that the report needs to look like something extremely scientific, but can’t quite picture what that means. I’ve had students who don’t want to start because they think that they aren’t smart enough to write a scientific report.

A woman manipulates masses on a rotating apparatus.

Don’t fret though. Lab reports in this class are not meant to be book-length volumes. The model lab report below is a little shorter than most, but only because it is part of a longer lab. The full lab would have similar information about the other parts of the lab.

What to look for when reading the sample lab report.

Read through the sample report. Notice that some information is repeated a few times. Note that there are pictures and diagrams.  The tables and charts are formatted neatly. There are neatly written sample calculations.  A set of references finish the document.

Over the next several lessons, I provide details on how to create such a report. 

To navigate the file, put your mouse over the document, then look to the lower left for the controls to move back and forth between pages.