Kinematics Equations Overview

This Kinematics Equations Overview introduces you to some of the equations that you will meet very early in your first physics class. These are three equations that describe the motion of an object undergoing a constant acceleration.

We’ll investigate the variables, units, and graphs of each equation in more detail, but for now, here’s a brief introduction to each equation…

Position Kinematics Equation

Kinematics Position Equation

This equation describes the position of an object after a time, given its initial position, its initial speed, its acceleration, and the amount of time that it travels.

Velocity Equation

vee sub ex equals vee sub ex naught plus A sub ex times tee.

This equation describes the velocity of an object given its initial speed, acceleration, and time of travel.

Velocity Squared Equation

This equation is a combination of the other two. While it isn’t absolutely necessary to know this equation, it comes in very handy. Use it when you want to know the final speed of an object, but don’t know the travel time.

What to Expect

Throughout this course, I’ll introduce you to each equation. We’ll look at the variables in it, and the units of each of the variables. I’ll also give you some activities to help you practice recognizing the variables and units.

Good luck and welcome to your first physics equations.