Ruler with numbers below. One column of numbers is 1.2, 1.23, and 1.234. The other column of numbers is 1000, 100, 1, 0.01, and 0.001

Measurement in Physics

In this course, you will explore how physicists measure and describe nature. You will learn how to correctly read measuring instruments. In addition, you will explore units, dimensions, conversions, and uncertainty in measurements.

This course is a work in progress. I will be adding more information for ongoing improvement of the course. For now, you can enjoy the class for free.

The velocity kinematics equation and its variables.

AP Physics 1 Equations

This course on AP Physics 1 Equations will help familiarize you with the equations on the reference sheet. You can practice with various activities.
Even though you are provided with the equations, being familiar and comfortable with them will help you do better on the exam.


Writing Effective Physics Lab Reports

Writing good physics lab reports is an important part of any physics class. This mini-course will help you to write good lab reports.

A vector d with components dx and dy

Introduction to Vectors

This course will help you learn how to work with vectors. You will investigate unit vectors, vector components, and vector addition.

Newton's Second Law. Equation: Sum of force vectors equals mass time acceleration vector.

Newton’s Second Law

This course will help you understand Newton's Second Law so that you can apply it in situations where multiple forces are applied to a single object.

Two objects approach then bounce back

Linear Momentum

This course will help you learn about linear momentum.  You will learn how to find linear momentum.  We will talk about the  impulse-momentum theorem and the law of conservation of momentum.