Friction – Equation of the Week

Friction – Equation of the Week

This week’s equation of the week is the friction equation. This equation shows us the relationship between the frictional force, the properties of the surface, and the normal (or contact) force between the object and a surface. Notice that this equation does not...
Newton’s 2nd Law – Equation of the Week

Newton’s 2nd Law – Equation of the Week

Our premier equation of the week is Newton’s 2nd Law. This law relates how mass, force, and acceleration interact. It is commonly written like this… In this equation, the sigma represents a sum, the forces are represented by F, the mass is represented by...

Equation of the Week

The equation of the week is a new feature at Each week I’ll pick a physics equation and share some info about it. See the next post for the first equation.

Surviving an Online Physics Course.

Surviving an Online Physics Course. Surviving an online physics course is simpler than surviving a zombie apocalypse.  At least it is if you make a plan and stick to it. Some of the advice in this post will work for in-person physics classes or even other subjects, so...

Testing H5P

H5P is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to make interactive games and other content to place on your website.  It can also be used to place these items into other platforms like Blackboard.  In this post, I’d like to share my first attempt at making a...

Deflategate Physics

I’ve posted a video  about the effects of cold air on the pressure of a closed vessel.  Check out the video on its full page at deflategate physics. Enjoy the Big Game.

Many updates

I’ve added several updates to  in the past few weeks. Radians vs. Degrees Microsoft Excel in Physics Coupled Oscillators If you haven’t stopped by, please check out these and many more.

Speeds in the Metric System

Most students taking physics have to be pretty smart.  The prerequisites for students in a college physics class include some amount of trigonometry, algebra, and, in many cases at least co-registration in the Calculus. However, I was correcting labs the other day,...