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Newton's Second Law. Equation: Sum of force vectors equals mass time acceleration vector.

Newton’s Second Law

Physics this Week is a website designed to help you succeed at physics.  Are you taking an introductory physics course?  Do you need a little bit of help in physics?  I’m here for you.

I’m Doctor Trevor, and I’ve been teaching physics at the high school and college level for many years now.  I know the things that trip up physics students.  Let’s work together to help you avoid those dangers.

Introductory Physics classes move fast.  If you are having a little bit of trouble with a concept or a bit of math, you can fall behind quickly.

Why Physics This Week?

I offer a set of lessons and videos that will help you with some of the background material that your teacher or professor thinks you have already mastered.  If you spend a little bit of time each week reviewing these videos as part of your regular study time, you should improve your grade.

In addition, I have several short courses on specific topics.  There are also some games to help you learn important units, variables, and definitions.

Physics I consists mainly of classical mechanics topics.  The section on Physics II will cover electricity and magnetism, as well as optics.  Next, the Physics III section is for slightly more advanced topics, but might be helpful for earlier material.

Good luck this year.   Let’s get you some help with physics this week.